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SMARThatch Measurement Features

SMARThatch is an advanced measurement system designed to provide actionable data in real time to your entire team. The SMARThatch system replaces the access hatch on any Ready Mix Truck. Measurement data is displayed in the mixer cab and anywhere your team has cloud access.
Air Content

Leveraging the proven acoustic measurement system developed by CiDRA for heavy industrial applications, SMARThatch continuously measures Air Content in fresh concrete.

Managing returned material is a regular challenge. Stop guessing and know what’s coming back. The SMARThatch system measures yards of concrete from 5 to 0.

Monitor the temperature of your material, watch for changes and arrive on site with confidence that you are in spec every time.

SMARThatch continuously measures drum speed in RPM indicating charge direction, revolution counters, and total elapsed time mixing.

The two add-on components of the SMARThatch system are an integrated water meter and hydraulic pressure meter. Monitor and record any water added and estimate slump in real time for your entire fleet.

Empower Your Team

A Modern Tool for QC

  • Delivers fleet visibility to the team
  • Continuous measurement of the entire load
  • Reduce manual sampling and testing

Save Time & Money

  • Reduce rejected loads
  • Manage returned material
  • Better yield estimates & control

Modern Quality Management

The SMARThatch sensor replaces the access hatch on any Ready Mix Concrete truck.

The system delivers continuous measurement of Air Content, Temperature, Revolutions, Water Added and Hydraulic Pressure.

Your Data Where You Need It

Data is displayed in the truck cab and in the cloud to any authorized team member with internet access.

With individual permissions and unlimited users, your entire Team can access the data they need anywhere through the SMARThatch Data Portal.

Existing Systems Integration

SMARThatch is a powerful tool that can operate independently or in conjunction with your existing information systems.

SMARThatch adds value to existing systems by providing real time measurement data to augment and enhance analytics.



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